The World Jones Made

Title The World Jones Made
Previously Known By // Based On N/A
Date Written 1954
Date Published 1956
2/8 / 192 pp / 6 hrs and 58 mins
Precognition; a world ruled by Relativism; giant alien jellyfish. The World Jones Made is a classic Philip K. Dick mash-up, taking deep philosophical musings and infusing them with wild action.

Floyd Jones has always been able to see exactly one year into his future, a gift and curse that began one year before he was even born. As a fortuneteller at a post-apocalyptic carnival, Jones is a powerful force, and may be able to free society from its paralyzing Relativism. If, that is, he can avoid the radioactively unstable government hit man on his tail.
This is the atypical proto Dick novel. Introducing elements that would become staples of his more illustrious works. Starting off with seemingly unrelated elements, the novel moves from future events to past, filling in the world of Jones’ slowly but with skill.

Dick works in what it is to be human and precognition with great effect, but the structure and flow are not strong. Illusions to World War 2 and marital woes, maybe mirroring personal tales, the novel deviates from science fiction too often and is far less concise than Dick at his best.
To avid fans of PKD this will play out like a short story gone awry, and although elements of brilliance shine through, they are fleeting and the novel ends with little fanfare.
Rating: 4/10
Re-readable: No
Narrated by: Christopher Lane
Although sounding like William Shatner, Lane delivers a professional performance with a wide variety of skill and subtlety.
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Release Date: 19/09/2012
First Edition: First published by Ace Books as one half of Ace Double D-150, bound dos-à-dos with Agent of the Unknown by Margaret St. Clair
Most Recent Edition: Published January 1st 2012 by Mariner Books
Personal Favourite: Published 1976 by Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd

World Jones Made Graphic Tee

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